Brand new blog for vintage jewelry, rhinestones, repairs and the like

Posted by: Stefanie Brawner, Pretty Snazzy Vintage Jewelry & Supplies

14 April 2013

Welcome to the blog for Pretty Snazzy! This is where you will find all kinds of information about vintage jewelry (including patents), rhinestones (including Swarovski, Czech, French etc), jewelry supplies, repairs and more! 

Here is a little bit about my background. I've been doing vintage jewelry since 1999. The Trifari bracelet pictured was the very first piece I ever sold. In about 2000, I noticed how many pieces I had that were missing a stone or two (or more!). I started accumulating stones. One day I told my husband that I was going to sell rhinestones. He told me, "They'll never sell." I told him "Yes they will. Just wait and see.". They did sell! Everything I made on them went right back into buying more. I was very...