Brand new blog for vintage jewelry, rhinestones, repairs and the like

Posted by: Stefanie Brawner, Pretty Snazzy Vintage Jewelry & Supplies

14 April 2013

Welcome to the blog for Pretty Snazzy! This is where you will find all kinds of information about vintage jewelry (including patents), rhinestones (including Swarovski, Czech, French etc), jewelry supplies, repairs and more! 

Here is a little bit about my background. I've been doing vintage jewelry since 1999. The Trifari bracelet pictured was the very first piece I ever sold. In about 2000, I noticed how many pieces I had that were missing a stone or two (or more!). I started accumulating stones. One day I told my husband that I was going to sell rhinestones. He told me, "They'll never sell." I told him "Yes they will. Just wait and see.". They did sell! Everything I made on them went right back into buying more. I was very fortunate to be able to make some very large purchases from about 2004-2006, which is still the backbone of my inventory today. I now have about 2500 different Swarovski stones alone not to mention the Czech, German, French, Japanese etc stones. I have jewelry findings, settings, some beads, some genuine stones including marcasites and seed pearls and so on. I have so many items that haven't even been put in my online store yet. Just not enough hours in the day!

Through this I kept doing the vintage jewelry even though most of what I sell on my regular website at are rhinestones and jewelry supplies. In 2012 I found that Etsy was a great place to showcase my vintage jewelry. That site is growing all of the time. In the summer of 2012 I was so fortunate to be able to take over It was an awesome resource site that I used a lot. My husband put all of the data into a database and designed a new website around it. The current jewelry patents site is up and we have lots of cool things in store for that!

One other great site to use is This is our "sister" site because quite literally, it's my sister Melissa! She is an amazing jewelry repair person and restorer. It's not just her big sister saying that though. She has an impressive caliber of customers and her services include rhinestone replacement, some soldering and other structure repair, re-enameling, restringing and more. If you have a repair that requires a little bit more expertise or is something you just don't want to mess with, she's your girl!

I hope you enjoy this blog!