Swarovski Rhinestone Colors - Special Effects Colors

Posted by: Stefanie Brawner, Pretty Snazzy Vintage Jewelry & Supplies

13 June 2013

Here are some of the special effects stones that Swarovski does or has done. Swarovski changes these all of the time. The aurora borealis or AB finish is probably the one that is seen the most. This technique was "invented" by Swarovski in 1953 or 1955, depending on whose research you use. It is a rainbow-like iridescent finish. It can be difficult to identify which color is which because many times they looked very different from the original color. Swarovski has greatly reduced the number of colors that they put this finish on. The one in the chart is the most common - Crystal AB.

Other colors on this chart are:

Comet - A shiny metallic silver. Sometimes referred to as an imitation marcasite.

Aurum - A shiny gold metallic.

Bermuda Blue - A blue and green mixed stone.

Heliotrope - A blue and purple mixed stone.

Vitrail Medium - A rainbow of colors. AKA "watermelon" stones. This is the newer Swarovski Vitrail Medium. The Czech Vitrail Medium has a lot more pink in it than the Swarovski one.

Vitrail Light - Pastel purple and blue mixed together