Foiled vs Unfoiled Rhinestones

Posted by: Stefanie Brawner, Pretty Snazzy Vintage Jewelry & Supplies

07 June 2013

I get emails all of the time from customers asking me if I have an unfoiled rhinestone that they are looking for. I don't have much in the way of unfoiled rhinestones because it is much easier to get the foil off of a stone than put it on! So if you need an unfoiled stone, try looking for the same one that is foiled. It's very simple to get the foil off of a stone. Just make a 50/50 mix of vinegar (white or cider) and regular table salt. Soak your stone(s) in there for a day or two and the foil will come right off!

Tip - When you replace rhinestones, the old ones usually come out with part of the foil off of them. These are basically useless to use in the condition they are in but you can soak them in the salt and vinegar mix and keep them as unfoiled stones! I save mine up and do them in batches. I wouldn't mess with the small stones. You're probably won't ever have an occasion to use them. :-)

Here are the front and back pictures of a D&E (Juliana) piece with foiled and unfoiled stones.